Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sixteen Month Hiatus OVER

Wow, I suck. I am so sorry, you guys (if anyone is even still reading this). I promise I will make a better effort to keep this up to date. I'm not going to try to force myself into a schedule yet, but I do want to come back to you guys. I'm slowly getting my shit together, and starting some exciting things, so I need somewhere to share my adventures.
I am considering making this blog my personal blog to document my nerdy fan girl adventures, and starting up a new blog where I discuss and analyze all of the nerdy things. No promises about anything - I don't want to do that anymore, I have failed to follow through on enough promises to you guys. Just mentioning my current plans. Sorry it has taken me so long to return to you!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Novel Concept

Sorry I have been so absent recently - I have fallen into a bad routine of not doing anything, going to work in the evening, going over to Tyler's for a couple hours after work (don't get excited - he's one of my best friends from college - no romance) and then spending hours on tumblr before passing out. Repeat.
Well, maybe I can change that - my cousin gave me an idea for a novel yesterday, that I'm kind of excited about. It's been the concept of a Neil Gaiman novel and an episode of Supernatural, but I would like to take a crack at it.
I don't want to jinx it by talking too much about it (besides, I only have the bare minimum decided at this point) but if you haven't guessed what it is by now, suffice it to say - what would happen if your favorite deities were thrown together in a room?

Friday, September 14, 2012

tVD vs BtVS


I have recently been rewatching The Vampire Diaries because the fourth season is premiering on Oct. 11 on the CW.While I was watching last night, I noticed several parallels between Stefan and Damon Salvatore and Angel and Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Stefan is incredibly similar to Angel while Damon is the Spike equivalent.

Angel/Stefan were the sons who craved their respective fathers' approval and did not get it before they were turned. Their fathers turned out to be their first victims (the difference being that Angel went back for revenge and intentionally murdered his father while Stefan went back to try again for the approval and accidentally killed his). They each went on to become the cruelest and most evil vampire in their respective histories, but then something changed. Whether it be the return of a soul (Angel) or a choice made (Stefan) they both began striving to be better and atone for the misery they caused. They each meet a high school girl (Buffy, Elena) and fall in love with her, but their Good Sides are very tenuous and eventually their cruelty resurface. Angel sleeps with Buffy and Stefan drinks human blood/chooses to turn off his humanity, but once evil they both end up betraying the girl they love. Meanwhile, Buffy/Elena team up with Spike/Damon in order to stop Angel/Stefan from becoming too evil - and succeed. However, once Angel/Stefan become good again, things have changed between them and Buffy/Elena. The girls simply cannot forget what Angel/Stefan did to their loved ones.

Spike/Damon were the sweet, sensitive men who, once turned, embraced their new lives. They may be considered evil, but they aren't really - they're just following their nature. They don't try to change anything about themselves, until they meet that same high school girl. When Spike/Damon meet Buffy/Elena, they realize that they can bring their humanity into their vampire identities - though they don't want to change anything about themselves fundamentally, they do strive to make better choices and become better men (though Spike does end up going to get a soul, he does that because he feels he is failing by himself and needs the help of a soul - and it's HIS CHOICE, not something that is forced upon him *coughANGELcough*). They are the second choices to the "Good One" - Angel/Stefan - but they are considered choices nonetheless. When the relationships between Buffy/Elena and Angel/Stefan are ruined, Buffy/Elena find themselves drawn to Spike/Damon, who end up being the support systems through all the drama.

I am definitely a Spuffy and Delena girl (if you couldn't tell already) because, especially in The Vampire Diaries, Elena/Buffy fall in love with a version of Stefan/Angel but reject them when their full natures come to light (granted, Angel was really evil, but still...). However, Elena/Buffy have always known the real Damon/Spike and eventually come to love them - flaws included.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dragon*Con 2012 - Celebrity Stories

I just had the best weekend of my life. Here's a quick list of all the people I met this weekend: Nathaniel Buzolic, Patricia Quinn, Colin Ferguson, Niall Matter, Rob Paulsen, Billy Boyd, Katee Sackhoff, Lee Arenberg, Anthony Michael Hall, Aaron Douglas, Chloe Dykstra, Chris Hardwick (SQUEEE!!), Tara Strong, Jamie Bamber, Nichelle Nichols, Kenton Duty, Michael Trucco, and Adam Baldwin (yes, he actually made it to a Dragon*Con!). The definition of "met" here spans from quick introductions to conversations several minutes long.

Missi and I found Nathaniel Buzolic (Kol in The Vampire Diaries) in the Hyatt lobby walking the floor and he was kind enough to let us take a quick picture.
We also had a substantial conversation with him, and he was totally flirting with us

Patricia Quinn (you know, the original Magenta?) had a table in the Walk of Fame, but she also went to the Lips Down on Dixie shadowcast of Rocky Horror Picture Show on Saturday night (well, Sunday morning - it started at 1:30a) and helped to introduce the movie. We couldn't afford a picture with her, but she hugged Missi in the Walk of Fame.

A little further down the table from Patricia were Colin Ferguson (Eureka's Sheriff Jack Carter) and Niall Matter (Zane Donovan from Eureka). We weren't able to get a picture with Colin, but our friend Scott had partied with them last year and we talked to Colin for a couple minutes - he's an awesome person. I did manage to get a picture with Niall thanks to some generosity from  Scott, though. Niall was really nice, if maybe a little overwhelmed.
Can I just say, I HAD ZANE'S ARM AROUND ME (and my arm was around him)

As we continued going around the Walk of Fame, I noticed that Rob Paulsen didn't have a line at his table, and we were able to walk right up to him. If I had kept my wits about me, I would have gotten a picture with him, but I have to admit this was the one celebrity over whom I completely fangirled. Missi and I shamelessly squeed right in front of him, and he totally went along with it. I imagine that being the voice of Yakko, Pinky, the original Raphael, the new Donatello, and countless others will often inspire that reaction.

At the end of that table was Billy Boyd (Perregrin "Pippin" Took from the Lord of the Rings trilogy). Again, we couldn't afford a picture with him (not to mention an autograph) but we did talk to him for several minutes. Missi asked him if he was actually singing on the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, and he said yes, then told us to check out his band Beecake. He was then kind enough to write the band name on a post-it and put it ON MY BADGE. Not only did I shake his hand, but Billy Boyd pretty much touched my stomach. I was very proud of the lack of shit flipping that happened.
I may not have his autograph, but I got his handwriting for free!!

After Billy, we got in line to see Katee Sackhoff (Kara "Starbuck" Thrace from Battlestar Galactica). She is AMAZING - I wish I could have afforded a picture with her to show you, but she has lost weight since Starbuck and was really sweet too.

We got to talk to Lee Arenberg (Pintel from the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies and Grumpy from Once Upon A Time) twice - once on Friday in our first tour of the Walk of Fame, and again on Monday when we went back. The second time we went up to him, Missi got a picture with him.
He may play grouches, but he is such a sweet man!!

Just before we left the Walk of Fame on Friday, Missi and I noticed that Anthony Michael Hall (the Geek from the Brat Pack movies - The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, etc) didn't have a line at his table. Now, he looks NOTHING like he did in the 80s - it's not that he looks bad, because he doesn't, but with aging his appearance has completely changed. We talked to him for a couple minutes about how much we enjoy his John Hughes movies, and as we walked away I mentioned his episode on Community (he was the bully who beat Joel McHale's character up). He is a very nice guy.

On Friday night, Missi and I were walking around the Marriott lobby and happened to see Aaron Douglas (Crew Chief Galen Tyrol from Battlestar Galactica). With a little coaxing from Missi (I hadn't wanted to interrupt his conversation) I went up and talked to him. Again, I forgot to get a picture with him (which I regret) but at least I met him! And he's a really cool dude.

On Sunday night, Missi talked me and our friend Matt into going to an Adult Themes in SciFi panel. While we were waiting in line, I happened to notice Chloe Dykstra (host of Just Cos on the Nerdist YouTube channel) coming down the escalator. I didn't get a picture with her since she was a panelist and had to get in to the room to get ready, but she was sweet enough to stop, say Hi and shake my hand.

And, since Chloe was a panelist, guess who showed up midway through the panel and sat in the back of the room?? CHRIS FUCKING HARDWICK. Chloe mentioned him a couple times, but only referred to him as "my boyfriend" - that, and the fact that he stayed in the very back of the room and didn't say anything (he would text Chloe when he had an opinion) led me to believe that he was trying to keep a low profile. He wasn't there as a celebrity, and I'm positive he was only there for Chloe. Nevertheless, after the panel, I went  up to him and said, "Hi, I know you're trying to keep a low profile, but would you mind taking a picture with me??" And, in brilliant Chris fashion, he replied, "Oh, yeah! Of course!"
Even though I kept very calm, cool and collected while I was talking to him, as we walked away I noticed I was shaking, and kept flipping my shit whenever I thought of it the rest of the night. It took me a full extra hour to fall asleep because I was so wired.

On Monday morning before we left, Missi and I went back to the Walk of Fame. Since a lot of people had gone home Sunday night and we got there right as it opened, there was not a huge crowd inside. Missi and I got to say hello to Tara Strong, another amazing voice actress - she's really popular with the Bronies right now (don't get me started on THAT term) but you may also know her from Powerpuff Girls (Bubbles), The Fairly Oddparents (Timmy) and hundreds of others. She is a genuinely sweet, caring person and I am so honored to have met her.

After Tara Strong, Missi and I went to get in line to see Michael Trucco, but I noticed that Jamie Bamber didn't currently have a line because he had just arrived. As we were waiting for him to get settled and finish talking to his people, I realized that I had the opportunity to be an awesome best friend. When we got up to the table, I paid the price of a photo and then filmed Jamie asking Jenna why she wasn't at Dragon*Con (she had had a myriad of unfortunate situations which prevented her from coming). I then posted it on her FB wall when I got back to internet that afternoon.
The texts she sent me as she was watching the video

After we left Jamie, Missi noticed Nichelle Nichols (Uhura from the original Star Trek). This woman has aged BEAUTIFULLY - Missi got a headshot that was taken years ago, and she looked exactly the same. Such a gorgeous woman, and very sweet.

Missi then noticed Kenton Duty on the other side of the room. I know him as Young Jacob from LOST, but she's a nanny and recognized him from the Disney Channel show Shake It Up! She then got her turn to be a hero and got an autograph for the two little girls she takes care of.

We then went back to Michael Trucco's line (which was very short) and met him. Though he is most known for his role as Samuel T. Anders on Battlestar Galactica, I also remember him from an episode of Tru Calling - in the first season, he plays a firefighter who failed to save a little girl (and himself) so he asks Tru to help him. She thinks he is asking for himself and gets attached to him, but he was asking for the little girl and ends up dying anyway. That episode always breaks my heart, and that is what I chose to talk to him about. Which I think threw him off a little bit (which I love doing). One of my favorite things to do with celebrities is talk about one of their lesser known works, because they just don't expect it. But he was a really really sweet guy, and I am so glad I was able to meet him.
Oh, and did I mention I got a picture with him too?? SO AWESOME.

After Michael Trucco, our last stop was ADAM BALDWIN. For those who don't know, Adam has a really bad habit of announcing that he's going to be at Dragon*Con, and then having to cancel at the last minute for one reason or another. This has happened for years. So when we heard that he actually WAS at Dragon*Con, we knew we had to meet him. He unfortunately wasn't doing pictures and we couldn't afford an autograph, but he did seem to be hitting on Missi. She told him that we would love to get an autograph, but that we were poor and just couldn't afford it. So he offered to gift her one!!
The quote he used just convinces me further that he was hitting on her...

All in all, Dragon*Con was an amazing experience, and I fully plan on going every year from now on - come hell or high water - and each year I'm going to make sure it is even better than the last one.
{Also, I am going to have multiple posts about Dragon*Con, because I saw a lot of awesome cosplay and went to a couple really great panels, and if I tried to fit all of it in one post, it would be WAAYYY too long. Stay tuned!}

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Upcoming Schedule

So, here is what I am thinking. I am going to follow this schedule, but I won't necessarily post every day. Each day is assigned a topic, and I am going to do my best to post at least three days a week. You may notice that I have not included the weekend - I work at Target, which means I will almost definitely be working a lot every weekend, and I know better than to try to post anything.
My schedule will be as follows:

1. British Monday (this will give me the opportunity to review the weekend's episodes of Doctor Who and Copper while they're still fresh in my mind, but I will also discuss Torchwood and anything else British that strikes my fancy)

2. Fantasy Tuesday (where I will discuss Tolkien, Paolini, Martin, etc)

3. Whedon Wednesday (all things Whedon!! I will probably be posting on Wednesday a lot)

4. Supernatural Thursday (This is the day where I discuss anything to do with vampires, werewolves, zombies, ghosts, etc. (except for any Whedon stuff, of course) It's also convenient to review the week's Supernatural and Grimm episodes)

5. Sci Fri (I couldn't help the pun, I'm sorry. This is all things Science Fiction - Ender's Game, Battlestar Galactica, etc)

Also, once a month, I will be contributing to the Good/Evil series in the last week of the month, on the appropriate day. Since this is the last week of August, I will be writing about the Cylons of Battlestar Galactica. However, since I will be at Dragon*Con on Friday, I am hoping to get it posted tomorrow {the entry has been postponed. It will be posted, but I don't feel I can adequately give it the attention I feel it deserves today. Check back next week -- 8/29/12}. Stay tuned!

Monday, August 27, 2012

A Quick Note to You

Dearest of Readers,

You probably noticed my updates slowing down considerably once I was again employed. I want to apologize for this...I don't really have a reason, only excuses. I was running out of material to write everyday, so my new job gave me an opportunity to cut back. I've also gotten very lazy at home since I've started at Target, and have found myself sleeping or watching tv when I should be working on all the important things I should be doing, like writing and improving my Self. I'm sorry that this blog has been negatively affected.

I don't know that I will be going back to a daily post (as it was very taxing, toward the end) but I do want to update a bit more regularly. I originally didn't want to do the following, but if I create a schedule where I post about particular topics on certain days, maybe I will get more content out. Please give me a little leeway this week as I am preparing for Dragon*Con (expect a nice long post about that when I get back, pictures included) but I hope to create the schedule this week and then begin it either next week or the week after.

I again thank you for your patience with me, and ask for just a bit more. I know I ask this of you often, but if I am able to get everything I am planning off the ground, you will thank me for it one day. Maybe when you see me at a Con ;)

With Love, Respect, & Gratitude,

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dragon Week!!

Shark Week is one of my favorite weeks of the year - I have been obsessed with marine biology (to varying degrees) since I was six years old, and sharks were always my favorite. My mother knows this about me, and it's kind of hard to ignore my love for fantasy, so a couple days ago she posted this picture on my timeline:
The caption read, "This isn't a real thing...but it should be" and I agreed with it. So I decided to make it a real thing - Dragon Week is the seven days leading up to Dragon*Con, which start today. Sadly, I don't have a tv channel with which to celebrate Dragon Week, and my YouTube channel is not functional enough yet (just wait til next year though). So for now it will have to be personal, and however you want to celebrate dragons in your own home. For me, I plan on watching a dragon movie each night. Here's my list so far (in no particular order):
1. Dragonheart (one of the best dragon movies out there - if you haven't seen it yet, do yourself a favor and find it. I mean, Remus Lupin plays an evil king!)
2. Eragon (unfortunately...I really hate that movie, but it is centered around a dragon - I may replace it though)
3. Reign of Fire (I haven't actually seen this movie yet, but Christian Bale fighting dragons? I have to check this out)
4. How to Train Your Dragon (again, haven't seen it yet, but I've heard it's adorable and awesome, and I mean, dragon is in the name)
5. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Norbert)
6. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (the Norwegian Ridgeback)
7. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, pt 2 (the Gringotts dragon)
As always, if you have suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below or tweet me and let me know what I should be watching.

Since I only came up with the idea of celebrating Dragon Week yesterday, this year is not going to be a big deal, but that also means I have a full year to plan next year's Dragon Week. I am going to get my YouTube channel up and running enough that we can dedicate the entire week to celebrating Dragons and Dragon*Con. Stay tuned.